Wooden Tray Incense burner 11 inch

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11 INCH LONG. About 4 inch wide and 2 inch high. comes with 2 holes for incense.


One of our best-selling ash catchers

Written by Aditi Carnahan on 13th Aug 2022

Customers love the size of this ash catcher, and it's quite good looking too. People who burn a lot of incense know the value of this. And the price is great also!


Written by Ciska Venter on 18th Dec 2021

Of all the burners I have tried this is absolutely the best one ever. It is beautifully made and the wide size is excellent for keeping ash. My best seller for sure

I love this incense tray!!!

Written by Janine on 7th Dec 2020

I didn’t realize how beautiful these trays were going to be they are big ,sturdy, and very nice looking I was more than pleased when I opened my package!! I wish I ordered more of them!!!

Hidden Secret

Written by Sandra Shepherd on 29th May 2020

I don't want to tell you how wonderful this item it, because once you find out, everyone will want them and the price will go up! Well made (don't know what type of wood)satin finish. Perfect for displaying Spheres!!

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