Spell Candles

Spell candles are an essential tool for anyone practicing candle magic or setting intentions through ritual work. This category offers a wide variety of chime candles, 4" candles, and specialty candles designed to enhance your spells and ceremonies.

Chime candles, available in packs of 20 or 104, come in a range of vibrant colors to suit different intentions. Whether you're looking for black candles for protection, blue candles for peace, or red candles for love, there is a color to match your specific goals. These smaller candles are perfect for shorter rituals or spells that require multiple candles at once.

For those seeking a larger taper candle, there are 10" taper candles available that bleed when lit, adding a dramatic touch to your spellwork. Specialty candles like the Candle Pentacle in Black Gold or Black Silver offer a unique aesthetic for your altar or sacred space. The Candle Dollar and Candle Holy Death Black Santa Muerte are also powerful tools for prosperity and protection rituals.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to candle magic, this category has everything you need to enhance your spiritual practice. Explore the different colors and styles of spell candles to find the perfect tools for manifesting your desires and empowering your spells.