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7 Knob wishing Candle (Black)

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The 7 Knob Wishing Candle in black is a powerful tool for manifestation and intention setting. Standing at about 7 inches high and 1.25 inches in diameter, this candle is perfect for anyone looking to bring their wishes to life.

Each knob on the candle represents a specific wish or desire, allowing you to focus your energy on individual intentions. As you light each knob, you can visualize your goals coming to fruition and send your intentions out into the universe.

Black candles are often used for protection, banishing negativity, and releasing unwanted energy. By incorporating a black 7 knob candle into your ritual, you can amplify the power of your wishes and clear any obstacles standing in your way.

Whether you are looking to attract love, abundance, success, or healing, the 7 Knob Wishing Candle in black is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are new to candle magic or a seasoned practitioner, this candle is sure to enhance your manifestation practice.

Made with high-quality wax and infused with intention, the 7 Knob Wishing Candle in black is the perfect addition to any altar or ritual space. Get ready to watch your wishes come true as you harness the power of this magical candle.


7 knob candle

Written by undefined on 28th Jul 2021

Love the price and product.

Great buy

Written by undefined on 28th Oct 2019

Great buy. Candles are well made & individually wrapped/boxed.

Very nice

Written by N. L. on 1st Apr 2018

Very nice candles.

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